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Pipe Organ Builders & Restorers

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A completely new organ can be very expensive, typically costing many hundreds of thousands of pounds for even a very modest instrument, so rebuilding an instrument can be a very attractive proposition.

Rebuilding is clearly more than just cleaning and maintenance and will to a greater or lesser extent involve tonal alteration, this might be addition of some upperwork or extending the pedal, or may involve major alterations to the instrument’s action, i.e. replacing pneumatic action with a modern electrical transmission system.

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If you are thinking of doing work to your instrument it is never too early to get in touch. We aim to make the progress through the early stages as easy as possible, coming up with imaginative suggestions and listening to your needs, tonally, mechanically and aesthetically.

A quick email or phone call will get a timely response and we will endeavour to find a solution that is cost effective and suits your needs.