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Jonathan Lane & Associates Ltd

Pipe Organ Builders & Restorers

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As organbuilders, we can offer you the service of skilled craftsmen, both in our own business and through our suppliers. We run a modern business designed to give customer service and satisfaction, coupled to a thorough understanding of the musical value and historical integrity of the existing organ. We appreciate the importance of a versatile musical instrument, enabling the performer to achieve the highest standards in their own playing, and enabling teachers to impart important performance techniques to their pupils.

The firm’s Managing Director, Jonathan Lane, has spent the whole of his life studying the mechanics of organ design, and maintains a fascination for the work of William Hill, Henry Willis, T. C. Lewis in this country, François-Henri Clicquot and Aristide Cavaillé-Coll in France. As an organist, he has a love for English and French Romantic organ music, but also has a wide experience of music from before Bach to the 21ST Century.

Jonathan has decided to pursue a career in organ building and restoration. He ensures the staff he employs and the sub-contractors he engages are committed to the technical and artistic understanding of the organ, so as to ensure all the work carried out is to the highest standards to which we can aspire.

The firm was founded in 2005 by Jonathan Lane, after he had worked with other organ builders in the UK. In January 2010 the firm was incorporated becoming Jonathan Lane & Associates Ltd.  Our founding principle remains the same and that is to provide musical instruments that are both a pleasure to play and exciting to listen to.

About Us

Our Staff

Jonathan Lane is an accomplished organist and choir trainer with more than a quarter of century of experience working in schools, churches and cathedrals. Jonathan is passionate about the pipe organ, and imparting the skills required to play it, and the experience necessary to build it.

Jonathan is now based in France and works across Europe and with a number of other associates to whom he outsources work, he can provide details of these to potential clients.

Some of our specialities: mechanical action organs, old electric actions, tuning ‘difficult’ instruments.